Product reviews for FL Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

Eric - Great and informative

I see the importance of driving safe for you and others due to how informative the course is.

Camden - Helped a lot

Very easy to follow and comprehend for future prevention.

Nicholas - Was very helpful

This course reinstated the importance of safe driving that people lose over time.

Renada - Drive Right

This was very informative. I needed a refresher.

laura - I learned a lot


Antonio - Drive responsibly

Very good and the testimonials of the people affected make you think seriously about the importance of acting responsibly while driving.

Miranda - Great class!

Class was concise and informative and I learned a lot.

Kashel - Great

Good, very knowledgeable, and fun

Steve - Good

Pretty well courses, yes, they did touch some good bases about the traffic law

Jose - FL Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

It was great course. Very informative.

Nicolas - FL Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

We’ll executed great information

Ashley - FL Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

Great course- the personal stories were a great addition.

Susan - FL Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

This was a great course, served as an eye opener and a great reminder.  The stories were powerful.

jennifer - very well designed defensive driving

very powerful and even after 25+ years of driving always learn

Mark - Devise Safety Course

Just what I needed!

jaynell - loved it

easy and very informative

Mauricio - Wireless Communication Device Safety Course

Very good course.  Very informative.  Videos were great to reflect on the content and learn from the experience of others.

Mark - Devise Safety Course

Well written and informative.  Highly recommend

shaune - FL Wireless Communications

Great Course. Thank you. super Informative too.

guy - Guy- Completion

Was very informative. Very good course.

Hunter - worth it

very easy and helped a lot

JANET - FL Wireless Communications Device Safety Course

Course was a tolerable length.  I had the content read aloud which I thought was helpful.  Seeing videos, although tragic, was beneficial.

Jennifer - Thorough and Simple

Great course. I learned a lot and appreciated the education.

Elizabeth - Well Done Course

This was very well done.  The visceral life stories were very impactful.  All young drivers should be required to take this course...

Paul - informative course

easy to follow

JOHN - Good Title

Very informative.  Clear and concise.  Easy to follow.

Barri - distracted drivers course

Great course - - -

Kira - Easy and effective

Easy and effective. Easy to pay attention and made me want to read the information on the course. Very straight forward and educational.

Ann Marie - Excellent Course

I think I am going to recommend this course for all the young drivers I know.  It is interesting and some of the testimony videos were really heartbreaking.

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